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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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come to the community and he wants to move into the neighborhood and we welcome him. as a new community person. but, he also has to know what is the community and we do have two commissioners that are supposed to be neighborhood reps. and you know, i think that that is what they usually ask about, is well? did you come to the community? so. >> first i would like you to define for me, what is new music? >> what is new music as opposed to old music. >> i lot of people asked that ques and for us we are hoping to support people that don't feel that they have a home in a
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rock club and don't have a home in a place that hosts singer song writer and cannot fill a 300 feet performance hall and we try not to put a lot of stylelistic barriers but we emphasize living composers who are trying to do something different in our mission statement we call it out as creative and non-commercial music. that is subjective. but hopefully that gives you the idea. >> how do you support yourself? how do you pay the rent if you are going to have free events and concerts and this place is very large and you have a occupantcy of 286 and i don't know if that is in your 16 foot space or the whole space? how do you support yourself? >> the business model is not predicated for taking income in from the concert, the revenue streams that we are planning we include, renting out of the
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rehearsal room and the daytime space for office and administrative use and conducting practices for those of us who are part of the staff that which is volunteer. when we qualify for it to seek funding from institutions including private founders and government local and national. and i know that i am forgetting one more. >> fund-raiser shows where the artists are willing to donate their time so that we would take the door instead of the artist >> you understand that this is only to ten at night. >> absolutely. >> not planning on serving any food or alcohol. for us it is really just about giving the artist a space to show their work and you know at the same time, for the meetings, the community meetings that we have been to have been around the central market partnership. we have been enthusiastic to see the investment from new businesses including bars and so that we have places to recommend. >> did you consider going to a lot of residents who is up
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along turk street, did you consider going to the residents and talking to the neighbors? the residential neighbors at all. >> honestly, i am figuring out how and where to do that. as a matter of fact the alliance for a better district six i just learned about their meetings and wrote it down and so i see that it is happening on the 25th of this month. i am not a resident i live in sunset. so i am figuring out how to connect to all of these things. we have had many members of the community because we are on the street level knock on the door in the last month or two and we have been able to interact with them and learn where we can make those connections at the same time, we are not a support services organization, we are an arts organization and so i would not pretend to know all of the communities that live in the neighborhood but i am hoping that we will find logical areas where the members who want to participate, the members of the musical community who want to participate and use the space, will be able to take a programs that they are currently delivering at sites like the school of the arts and schools in the east bay and find ways
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to deliver them to the locations that are around our neighborhood. i see us as serving as a catalyst for that. we will not be producers for those events but hopefully the artist and organizations that we are working with in our space will take advantage of our position in the neighborhood and work with the groups who are directly around us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so, i just wanted to also say along with alliance for a better district six, the community leadership alliance and at the police station, one wednesday a month at like 11 a bunch of non-profits but i can't remember what that was called. >> the tender loin future's collaborativive which is really a great hub. all of the non-for profits in the area meet there and that is at the police station in the tender loin. so definitely hit some of the neighborhood organizations. because they are going to be
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very helpful to you in the future. >> great, thank you. >> and, did you have any community out reach up until now? >> yes, there were a couple of... >> i am sorry. >> some muters... part of your packet. >> i don't see it. that is why i said give it to me. it is not here. anything that you want to say. they are deeply connected. and in the social services world and it is an opportunity for us and it is not my area of expertise and so the ones that we have letters from are the ones that we are in connect with are mostly the mayor's office or ones that already aligned with the arts organizations the ones that we have been able to find easily
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and hopefully we will be able to find more opportunities. >> and the office will be happy to help you with that. they are helpful with connecting the community. >> thank you. >> i think there is no doubt that these kind of venues would be an improvement down there. i am sure that the police department would not be supporting it if they thought that there was going to be a problem. >> i did a walk-through, commissioners at this location and it is a very small place where is this the right way? and if you look at the diagram here, as i understood from what they told me is that most of these can cubicles will be for practicing and performing music when they will have a larger performance it will be done in a small area right here which is not very big. so it does not look like it is a very big venue to have like
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these big parties and stuff like that. it will probably be just in the small area. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so i would like to make a motion to approve this. obviously backed by the city office of he economic development and the police department. i would suggest that you contact the alliance for a better district six and see if you can't get before your neighbors. we are supportive of anything that you can put together. >> that my motion >> do we have a second? >> second. >> all right. commissioners akers? >> aye. >> perez. aye. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> newlin. >> approved, good luck. >> so now, let me ask, i know that we were asked to delay
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this for richmond station is that over now? >> that is in the richmond, that is what i am trying to find out. >> good evening, commissioners, my name is rich from the alcohol unit of the police department in the interest of proceeding and the parties that are present, this is a critical one and incident that is continuing. so i will speak on behalf of the limited live performance so i guess dirty trix >> okay. >> i spoke to the officer on the phone and he has no objection. >> is there anybody here that objectsing to dirty trix saloon? or in general? >> no. okay. >> could you speak in? >> with reference to the ten p.m. entertainment. >> yes.
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>> from what i have seen, my name is john i live on geary and second avenue. what i have seen the reality is that when it begins at ten it always has overflows. >> okay. >> everything will overflow in the area. my question would be why not just make a full evening's entertainment and why not take the full license >> that is up to the applicant. >> this is much more cost effective. >> right. >> what happens on the security level, my i ask then? for example, if it is cost effective i am presuming that is for no security and no... >> the cost of the permit. >> sure. >> but if that means that there is no extra additional security for that evening if something should happen, then nothing is on the street to help out. >> if there is problems with security or problem with noise, then they run the risk of losing their permit. >> okay, i just want to say
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that i do support the dirty trix saloon and what we have. but i am just wondering why we would set ourselves up for failure, why not set it up for success and just say instead of leaving that open area to breach through that and cause an issue later and as you so rightly say, for short and loose your license, why not just go the full step? >> my question really for everyone. >> this is why i want to bring up, you know. >> thanks. >> i want to talk to the applicant. >> okay. >> >> dirty trix is a tiny whole in the wall. it was the historically the old zoo, home of free, comedy in
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san francisco, our motto is that fun should not cost extra. we have a group of customers that liken themselves to comedians. they are aspiring. we have a stage approximately this big. that they stand on. the mic runs through our juke box and we have absolutely no problem with stopping the show at ten, as a matter of fact, i have all of my bartenders x-out the register at ten to see what the read is and typically the read is diddly. sorry. and you know, we actually do more business after the comedy show ends. >> so, what i understand prior, you know, you had comedy after ten. i mean, you know, i have heard
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that it has gone, over. you know, you have been in the neighborhood for a while. >> a lot of times, the rocket room and i share the same formally the rocket room and now the neck of the woods we share the same building and so the crowds intermingle in front and it is easy to think that i am doing a whole lot more business than i am. >> i mean i just want to make sure because the limited live that is great for restaurants that need traffic. you know, and they serve food, and happy hour is great. and that was kind of the spirit of why it was put together. and i am just, you know, as a poe, again i always mention that i have the poe and i want to make sure that it stops at ten because it is not fair for us that if go to ten or after ten you might as well get a full poe like the gentleman said and contribute and follow all of rules that we do as club
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owners to have a full poe. if you think that you can stop it at ten, your business, you know, you make more money because people are hanging around after the mic thing is done, you know, i am okay with that. i just want to make sure that it is absolutely you know what the limits are on limited live. >> i mean i would even present if you need to, the xs for all of the nights that we have had comedy and the xs at ten, are nothing. it is a group of people that are supporting free comedy, we want to encourage them. every once in a while someone gets up with an acoustic guitar and sings a funny song. but at ten, is fine by me. >> okay. >> okay. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and no other questions, i assume. >> okay. >> how about a motion? >> i motion to approve. >> okay. >> second. >> second. >> same roll same call.
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>> same whatever. >> permit has been approved and good luck and i will get some of my best jokes and come down there. >> before ten, that is right. >> we will hold back on richmond items until later, we will go to 6 f, rodney fong, dba water front tar race, 145 jefferson, place of entertainment. permit. >> are we skipping e? >> that is in richmond and they asked us to hold that until the end. >> order front terrace on jefferson street. this building houses the spaces available for rent for special
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events such as meetings, classes seminars, banquets and reunions. the entertainment might include djs or speakers. the area is primarily commercial, as such the letters granting this permit are from other commercial venues including the hotel, the best western hotel. fisherman's wharf and the blue and gold fleet which are all neighbors. >> good. >> good evening, commissioners, miem fiilip, i represent the wax museum at water front terraces and could i get this on? yes. >> we have a picture here of 145 jefferson street building. some of our tenant includes mcdonalds and pay less shoes and the wax museum opened in 1963 and we are celebrating our
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50th year anniversary, it provides visitors with the unique experience to come face-to-face with celebrities, personalities. and we are open every day, holidays included rain or shine. we have had numerous inquiries for special events where in the groups will visit the wax museum and they would like to have a lunch or a reception or dinner afterwards and that is where water front comes in. it is 14,000 square feet. it is an events venue located on the third floor of the wax museum. it offers a great view of the water front and the golden gate bridge. water front will only be open when it is leased for special events. and events will vary from meetings, classroom settings, luncheons, receptions or
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reunions and banquets >> live entertainment may include a dj depending on the event and the sound level will be a acceptable or city decibel level. there is a controlled lobby entrance on jefferson street. and it is on one of the maps that we provided for you. and if all of our events are private events. we don't sell tickets at the door. and admission to the event is sold, it is sold in advance, to a ticketed agency. the property is fully enclosed. the building has ample security. we hire a... we contract with a security agency. shield. who will provide security for all of our events and normally we have at least one security for every 100 guests. >> in the last year, in the
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year 2012, we have applied for about 6 one-day permits, to determine if this is really, the way that we are going to go and one, would held the ping-pong tournaments and holiday parties and most recently on december 9th. the fisherman's wharf district held the annual crab fest there where in 12 to 14 restaurants served their crab specialty to approximately 2 report from the executive director: legislation and policy update: update on file 121065 by board of supervisors regarding new polk street rud; nightclub best practices manual development; staff and office update: update on 1. new enforcement position. 2. new year's eve permits. 3. llp report to small business commission. 4. civil grand jury follow-up. 5. staff holiday luncheon corrective actions on permits: prepaid guests >> we also don't do any catering, all is done by an outside catering contractor. and if the alcohol is to be served. we contract with a licensed beverage distributinger who make sure that we abide by all liquor laws. >> we passed inspeption by the police, the fire and the electrical department and we ask that the commission approve the permits for the wax museum
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and the water front terraces. >> we provided the photos of the water fronts and including a brochure of the wax museum and some of the photos shows the venue as vacant and also shown the photos of the previous events. >> okay. >> if you have any questions i will be glad to answer. >> any questions by the commission. >> i have one question. >> is your company really made it since 1898. >> i love the name? >> it is? >> yes, that is one of the companies that doctrine & covenants 1998 doing business as water front ter ace. >> okay. wow, thank you >> any representative from the police department on this issue? >> yes. >> from the central station representing captain tom.
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i have met with water front terraces and they have had successful events there and gone through the entertainment commission to get the one-days and everything has gone over very, very well. i look forward to working with them. we are asking for the six conditions, you should have copies of those. most of them are just general housekeeping ones. but i think that they already have in addition to the conditions they already have a good operating policy. as far as how they run their events. and so, i don't really see too many problems. >> okay. >> here. >> did you see the conditions that the place and you are okay with those? >> sure. >> okay. >> all right. so, any member of the public wish to address this application? >> okay. seeing none, the matter is with the commission. >> motion?
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>> i move to approve. >> i second. >> the conditions commissioners? >> sorry. that is the police conditions. >> yeah. >> second that. >> commissioner akers? >> aye. >> perez >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> newlin >> aye. >> approved and good luck. >> robert patterson, dba, ken, ken ramen, 3376, 18th street, place of entertainment permit application. >> a complaint with this address, and once that complaint has been resolved, this item can be calendared again. >> so we are continuing this item? wonderful. >> now is there a public comment or a motion to continue? >> do we need a motion to continue? >> okay. well do we have a motion to continue? >> any public comment on the continuation of this issue? >> none?
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>> all right. then how about a motion to continue? >> i move to continue the item. >> second. >> item has been continued. >> now i notice that the next four items are all extended permits for subway. and are these, is more than one of them in the same place district? >> so, there are... >> a couple of them. >> there are five subways on this calendar. >> yeah. >> and there are all applying for extended promises permit and they are all owned by the same people. and they are grouped by station. >> okay. so, would embarcadero and 168 second street and 1250 market all be in the same district?
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>> yes. they would, however, the applicant has requested that two items not be heard 5 embarcadero where the entrance is on market treat and 1250 market street. >> so, j and h. >> so continued or withdrawn? >> continued. >> continued. >> okay. so, is there do the police want to comment on the request to continue these two items? or address them when they come back to the commission? >> we can do 168 second street. >> good evening, captain mike redmond, we leave that the only one in the southern is 168 second street and two are withdrawn for extended hours. >> so we will call the one that
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is not been continued, we are just asking if you want to comment on the continued items. >> no. we are fine >> good. any member of the public that wants to comment on the continued items? seeing none we need a motion to continue item 6 h and 6 j. >> move to continue. >> i second. >> yes, so items 6 h and 6 j have been continued by the entertainment commission. so now we will go to 6 i. and that is 168 second street, extended hours permit application. nick? >> so, this description is going to fit for all three of these, but, even though they are in different locations. you may know subway is a fast food restaurant that specializes in sandwiches and would allow them to operate from two to six and here on forward everyone is asking for
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a permit to operate between 2 and 6. >> all right. >> okay. >> is the applicant here? welcome. >> my name is chirayu patel and i am here to get an approvement for 24-hour permit for three locations, one being the 168 second street and 2001 van ness and 15010 fillmore. we have agreed with the recommendations by the officers and comply with that. >> we did community out reach and we submitted the package and we had over 500 signatures in four or five days. supporting our location for 24 hours. i would appreciate it if you could give us an approval for the permit. >> thank you >> and would the police like to respond to the application at 168 second street?
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>> sir, i will interject here for a second. because most of these proposed conditions from sf pd came in this afternoon and so i don't believe that you have copies of them >> i do believe that he just gave us copies. >> thank you. >> okay. >> and he has agreed to the conditions, i guess. >> yes, and this is also simon and he is my permit officer and he has done a lot of conversations. and the station would approve the amply indication with the following conditions, and we have discussions that we will keep open the lines to communication with regard to security f we think that there should be security and that will be discussions between myself and officer chan and mr. patel. he has gone through the two in the northern and the security promissions there will be similar to what we are going to do. we would just look at the next
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six months and if we determine that security is necessary, based on calls that is a discussion that we will have at a later date. >> great. okay. >> all right, any members of the public wish to comment on these three permit applications? >> >> my name is mike and i am the executive director of the alliance for a better district six and also the program director of the tent ants association and coalition and president of the central city democrats. and we have been a long time advocate of trying to get subways into the various parts of the city. we know that it is a former retail and because of land use
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problems, some of the locations have not gone through because of formerly retail and we try to get one in the mission and one on lumbard and market street and they didn't go in. because of formerly retail. but at the same time, we have an issue of particularly in the district six, long term residents need to have opportunities to go eat. now, as far as this body goes, we also have or giving out a lot of after-hour permits and you need to have places for people to go after they get out of the bars. especially ones that they can afford, after they have given all of the money to the bars they have to have someplace to go that they can use their atm card. not looking at me. but any way, to get something
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to eat. any way, so it is important to have these places to have these places open at times of the day, the times of the day, or in this case, the evening, or the early morning that would be amenable to a population that can afford and actually i think that it is really great that they happen to be healthy. and i think that the thing is that we need. we need to have healthy alternatives and i don't know who has not figured that out. but if you have not figured it out yet, find yourself, and i am not doing a plug for subway when i say this, i just said that you need to start eating right and people have not figured it out they better start at some point, don't eat a bunch of potato chips. >> okay. >> any way. >> focus here.


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